China declares its Moon landing a success as it releases photos of the far side of the Moon


China has plenty of reason to celebrate here in early 2019, and not just because it’s a new year. The country’s space agency, CNSA, successfully landed its Chang’e 4 lunar lander on the far side of the Moon and deployed a rover which scientists will use to study the surface.


It’s a monumental achievement for China, which has been playing a bit of “catch up” in space exploration lately. Now, with its rover exploring the hidden side of the Moon for the first time, the country is declaring the mission a success, and it’s shared some new images to boot.


“The No. 4 mission is the first mission of the fourth phase of China’s lunar exploration project,” CNSA said in a translated statement. “For the first time in human history, the spacecraft made a soft landing and patrol survey on the back of the moon, and for the first time realized the relay communication with the Earth on the back of the moon, and with many countries.”


CNSA emphasized that the success of the mission was thanks to cooperation and contributions from many different countries, citing “significant international cooperation” a major reason for the mission’s success. CNSA also published some new panorama and 360-degree images taken by the lander.


While China certainly has reason to celebrate the accomplishments thus far with the Chang’e 4 mission, the country still has months of scientific observation and study ahead of it before it can declare all of its objectives complete.


One of the most interesting experiments that CNSA will carry out is the observation of a “Lunar Micro Ecosystem” which was installed on the lander prior to its departure. A small module contains a self-sustaining ecosystems consisting of plants, soil, water, and silkworms. The enclosed unit will be used to study the effects of low gravity on an Earth-like ecosystem, but that will take some time.


The lander’s mission is expected to stretch on for a full year, while the rover will have a shorter three-month mission. China’s declaration of success obviously doesn’t mean it’s ready to wrap things up, but it’s nice to know the country’s space agency is happy with what it’s accomplished thus far.




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clint13 hours ago

The United States is the first country to FORGET how to get to the moon.



China Chairman For Life14 hours ago

China will soon draw a lot... lot of dash lines on the moon for sure. Just watch.



SJMA15 hours ago

I thought there was a huge alien base on the dark side of the moon.



Enik14 hours ago

Why has NASA lost interest in the moon? They were first there but surely didn’t explore it. And that was in 1969



BK15 hours ago

Where are all the alien bases and ufos that are supposed to be on the far side of the moon



Ray13 hours ago

Why is there shadows on the far side of the moon? How is communications handled from there? Great story lacking details.



Jason14 hours ago

So now the moon is contaminated with lead? Great. Lol



Phineas J. Whoopee14 hours ago

US cheese exports to China is down 63% because Of tariffs so China is setting up cheese mines on the moon



KC15 hours ago

NASA claims we lost all the knowledge and notes we had to get to the moon just a few months ago. Now the Chinese have landed there. Interesting...



jasonp14 hours ago

Wow...we landed men on the moon 50 years ago



Bruce12 hours ago

Hmmm. I've seen that exact same image on "Lost in Space".



Elroy Jetson14 hours ago

All that claim China has caught or superceded America, remember that America did this with early computer and radio vacuum tube technology. So if the Chinese has caught up to our vacuum tube technology, well...



  1. E.13 hours ago

"China's moon landing sets stage for space race"



Plump13 hours ago

These guys can't even design a non-lethal escalator. How are they getting to the moon?!?



Evan14 hours ago

China’s caught up with the US, circa 1963.



CarolineM15 hours ago

Lets hope China doesn't come up with a old map of the moon and declare it a part of China



jg13 hours ago

success of the mission was thanks to cooperation and contributions from many different countries.....Translation: Stolen copyrighted and patented technology.



LugubriouslyJubilant15 hours ago

These guys are going to be building spacecraft on the surface of the moon and mining asteroids in 30 years. Something we should have done 30 years AGO.



James13 hours ago

They are almost 50 years too late



NealeinMI12 hours ago

Question. If the China lunar rover is on the dark side of the moon, why does it have solar panels?



Allen13 hours ago

Cool we did this 60 years ago



1a2b3c14 hours ago

China finally stole all technology, and is going to name it the china moon.



awesome11 hours ago

this will be the next spot we get all our cheap products made,,,no longer called china,,,made in the moon,,,shipped by amazon, to the US no tariff



Kicker4 hours ago

The US will never land on the Moon again and won't be sending manned craft to Mars either, we have bankrupted ourselves.



The Wiz14 hours ago

Upon close inspection, I noticed USA markings on the side of the spacecraft. I guess they duplicated the information they have stolen form us completely.



Gordon5 hours ago

China goes to the moon and Trump tries to build a wall here on earth.



Lance14 hours ago




Joe15 hours ago

Uh oh. China has caught up to 1960.



Jim15 hours ago

Thats not real, its in a studio.



mitch buchannan4 hours ago

the moon is a perfect place to send our prisoners



jim7 hours ago

Well, China now owns the moon.


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