Who Cares About the J-20 or J-31 Stealth Fighters: This Chinese Jet Is a Killer


David Axe


The single-engine, single-seat J-10, a product of the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group in southwestern China, first flew in 1998 and entered front-line service in 2003. Featuring a tailless delta wing and canards, the 51-feet-long J-10 externally is similar to the defunct Israeli Lavi fighter, although there's no proof that Beijing deliberately copied the Israeli design.


Important: Beijing is continuing to improve the J-10 even as it develops the J-20 and other new fighter types. At the biennial air show in Zhuhai in early November 2018, a J-10B fitted with a thrust-vectoring engine novel demonstrated extreme maneuverability.


While observers focus their attention on China's new J-20 stealth fighter, the Chinese air force steadily is improving and building more copies of an only slightly less sophisticated fighter: the J-10.


Much like the U.S. Air Force with its mix of stealthy and non-stealthy fighters, the Chinese air force is developing a two-tier fighter fleet. Alongside a handful of radar-evading J-20s, Beijing is acquiring hundreds of more-conventional J-10s.

就像幸运飞艇彩票空军混合了隐形战机和非隐形战机一样 幸运飞艇官网空军也在寻求这样的平衡。除了少数几架可以躲避雷达的歼-20外,北京正在采购数百架更传统的歼-10。


In performance and mission, the supersonic J-10 is similar to the U.S. Air Force's F-16. It's capable of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.


In November 2018 the online magazine China Military published photos of a J-10 firing unguided rockets at a mock ground target. A separate photo from August 2018 depicted a J-10 carrying radar-homing missiles for suppressing enemy air-defense.


The 2018 edition of the Pentagon's annual report on Chinese military capabilities describes the latest J-10C variant as an "advanced fourth generation fighters armed with the latest weapons."


Despite China's rapid improvement of its fighter force, it's still smaller and less modern than is that of its main rival. In 2018 the U.S. military possessed no fewer than 2,800 fighters including more than 900 F-16s and hundreds of F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters.

Image: Creative Commons.

尽管幸运飞艇官网的战斗机实力迅速提升,但仍不敌主要竞争对手,也不那么现代化。2018年,幸运飞艇彩票军方拥有不低于2800架战斗机,其中包括900多架F -16和数百架F-22、F-35隐形战斗机。


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tc h8 hours ago

Chinese jet brought to you by the money from American consumers that buys Chinese.



Me9 hours ago

I guess the best question to ask is...how many fighter jets has the J-10 downed?





Anonymous6 hours ago

I'm just saying, " He who laughs last laughs best!"



Wylecoyote12 hours ago

Chinese copy of the cancelled Israeli Lavi program built with help from Israel.



Ed8 hours ago

F-16 copy.



That Guy8 hours ago

hmm... looks oddly similar to the F16.. go figure



Homer8 hours ago

How come all of their jets look exactly like ours?



ariam8 hours ago

you don't need proof yahoo to know the Chinese copy everything but they cannot think outside the box all they do is copy....



张4 hours ago

Despite China's rapid improvement of its fighter force, it's still smaller and less modern than America. To achieve American achievements there is still a long way to go for Chinese.



Carbon Dioxide8 hours ago

The US has more planes but they are spread out all over the world. China does not have to worry about defending the whole world. They just has to work within the small area of interest.



Eugene8 hours ago

Every week, the National Interest, the Propaganda Branch of the Com-nist Chinese and Russia comes out with another obsolete Russian or Chinese weapon which will defeat the United States forces.....



Seaker8 hours ago

Chinese do not create - only copy.



StevenH7 hours ago

yeah, congress, more money please,LOL



Dave p8 hours ago

laser pointers will take care of it



Adam2 hours ago

China's electronic devices and materials' technology are at very low level and can not rival with American air force



Spot8 hours ago

Can't they come up with an original design of their own?



John7 hours ago

There is absolutely proof that the Chinese copied the Lavi. The Israelis sold them the plans. The Lavi was a joint American-Israeli project funded by American taxpayers, and our great “ally” sold us out.



GOOBYS2 hours ago

sold to pakistan the f16 . pakistan grouped with china to make this stolen copy.



Anonymous8 hours ago

Don't worry on the bottom of the left wing it says "made in China" . So it will be in a landfill soon



SpongeBobNoPants7 hours ago

Looks just like a Israeli Lavi. So knowing China they reversed engineered or stole the plans.



Joseph5 hours ago

Obvious F16 copy. While they build a version of that, the F35 a 5G fighter rolls out in greater numbers than their 4G version



Gary Gaunnac4 hours ago

Question to yahoo are you on the side of the Chinese move to China.



R8drfan4 hours ago

How many Chinese jets does it take to shoot down one American jet, their best against our best? During the Korean war, it was, well, they ran. We mostly fought Russian pilots.



CORDY7 hours ago

Typical Nat'l Interest BS Spin article. Of course it is their copy of US & Israeli planes, China cannot design or engineer anything on their own!!



JASON5 hours ago

why does everything china "invents" looks almost exactly like something we built 50 years ago?



Z7 hours ago

Made in China, for sale at Walmart, lol


John C5 minutes ago

Easy to see the F16 similarities



Russ Lightfoot59 minutes ago

Hmm! Chinese jets=Never proven in combat



NothingToLose3 hours ago

Until it gets into a real fight, this is fake news



Joseph2 hours ago

LoL they stole the F16 blueprints and think their version is better , Ill put my money on the F16



G D6 hours ago

I bet this jet does no better than my Chinese made cell phone !



bnjmn8 hours ago

Chinese Jet that looks like a F15 replica.



Tod G51 minutes ago

If its anything like other chinese made goods, it wont last too long. Probably falls apart on landing.



jim8 hours ago

Is that a F16?



little bit11 minutes ago

They just easily landed on the moon,, I would be learning Chinese if I was younger...


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