Danish telecom group shuns China's Huawei for 5G rollout



Denmark's biggest telecom group TDC has chosen Swedish firm Ericsson over existing provider Huawei to roll out its ultra-fast 5G mobile network across the country, as a debate rages over security concerns surrounding the Chinese giant.


"TDC has chosen Ericsson to build and deploy its 5G network," TDC CEO Allison Kirkby said in a statement released on Monday night.


The statement did not mention Huawei, which has equipped TDC's network since 2014.


"Over the past year, TDC has negotiated with several suppliers about the upcoming 5G rollout," the statement said.


The decision comes as Germany launches an auction for the construction of its own 5G network after the US reportedly warned it could scale back the sharing of sensitive information with Berlin if it does not exclude hardware made by Huawei from the infrastructure.


Huawei has strenuously denied allegations its equipment could be used for espionage.


TDC did not disclose the value of the Ericsson deal, which will begin on April 1 and run until the end of 2023.


The Danish company hopes to offer its customers 5G by the end of next year.



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Windy23 hours ago

Verizon chose Ericsson 5G network equipment. Verizon's 5G is up to 20x faster than 4G. That is not really 5G.



Thor20 hours ago

This is a security decision and a VERY simple business decision. Lots of Danes work at Ericson which is a Swedish company and it has offices in Denmark. More than 10% of the Danish workforce is IT workers.



kenny22 hours ago

The critical move is to ban Huawei routers, i.e., infrastructure equipment, from a country's network. The phones are fine. Every smartphone is transmitting much of your info constantly. If you carry a smartphone, you can be tracked.



me23 hours ago

The US should do the same. Ericsson is a very good company, very good to employees, in my experience.



c23 hours ago

Yep US had accused Irad of possessing weapon of mass destruction before and turned out it didn't have any but US invaded and destroyed the country any way.



Tom12 hours ago

The systematic attacks on Huawei #$%$ G technologies showed how strong and advance Huawei's technology and if the competition is free , the foreign firm will clober the competitors one by one , including Ericsson.



DZ23 hours ago

TDC has every right to partner up with Ericsson, or whoever that is that it deems fit or in its interest as long as it is its own choice. It doesn't have to be Huawei. However, Huawei does not have to be a supplier of TDC to survive. As a matter of fact, it will survive and thrive even without having to do business in the US.



Democracy Exporter23 hours ago

Ericsson's 5G speed (~2 - 3 Gb/sec)is less than 20% of what Huawei has (18Gb/sec). If it is called 'super-fast', what one should call for Huawei's 5G speed.

However, it is 'super-fast' compared to AT&T' fake 5G (150Mb/sec).

爱立信的5G速度(2 - 3gb /s)还不到华为(18Gb/s)的20%。如果这也被称为“超高速”,那应该怎么称呼华为的5G速度呢?


Jeffrey23 hours ago

Very smart move. Hope the rest of Europe does the same.



chinx9 hours ago

Danish telecom group made the right decision.



hoan vu21 hours ago

China Cut and Paste technology is at 5G speeds or whatever G is the fastest.



VQG23 hours ago

Smart move. If the chose to pay a bit less(Huawei's) now, they will pay dearly later.



VQG23 hours ago

Just say "No WAY" to Huawei!



Integrity23 hours ago

Wise move.



DeezNutZ23 hours ago

everyone should shun them



AmericanidiotsAreFaggots21 hours ago

Sure, Danish prefers to bow to US and pay higher costs.



Donald23 hours ago

Smart move by Danish.. must not want to be spied on by the Chinese. Now Canada, America and the rest of the free world should follow their lead.



Looney13 hours ago

It is clear, they have to protect Nokia and Ericsson. No big deal. But it is evil to justify the action using bogus reason like SECURITY .., SPYING...



Gorgilo13 hours ago

Very good Danish, it's your best choice..




I thought Huawei stole the technology fair and square.



YourDad23 hours ago

Danish will not get the 5G on time Also the USA . No vote to Trump the dotard !



Nick19 hours ago

Just say NO to Huawei.



Big Time23 hours ago

China is moving toward 5G Economy, 5G Nation ...



lee23 hours ago

China---cheapest and the best!!!



Culverton11 hours ago

I bought a Huawei phone last week, the best phone i have ever owned


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